Hacienda Bay

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Hacienda Bay
Hacienda Bay
Hacienda Bay

Hacienda Bay

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Project description

Unique Selling Points of Hacienda Bay


Well-known for its variety of culinary experiences, state of the art design and high-spirited atmosphere, the commercial area of Hacienda Bay, Lakeyard, is one of the liveliest places in the North Coast.


18-Hole Golf Course

In partnership with Sanford Golf Designs, Hacienda Bay features an astonishing 18-hole golf course and a golf academy.


Dining and Nightlife

Hacienda Bay offers a notable number of fine dining restaurants and nightlife experiences, so you can indulge in the luxuries you are used to in the city while on vacation.



With your comfort in mind, Hacienda Bay implemented a number of technologically-advanced services making it an E-compound! These technologies include internal incomes in your property, door access control and security defense systems. 


About Hacienda Bay North Coast

Hacienda Bay is a luxurious coastal village spread across 2.4 million sqm in the North Coast. Designed and developed by the real estate guru, Palm Hills Developments, Hacienda offers a multitude of leisure activities, properties and amenities. 


In Hacienda Bay you will get to spend your days soaking in the sun by the fully serviced beaches and pools. Then as the sun sets you can head out to the Lakeyard to shop and take photos by the famous wall or attend an exclusive party and dance the night away. With all that in mind, Hacienda Bay is easily among the top summer destinations in the North Coast and the country.


Hacienda Bay Location

Located 124 kms away from the city of Alexandria, Hacienda Bay is in close proximity to many popular destinations. Including Marassi, Diplo 3, Amwaj, Hacienda White and Hacienda West. As well as Telal, La Vista Bay and City Edge. 


Property Types in Hacienda Bay North Coast

Hacienda Bay boasts a notable collection of properties varying in sizes, designs, layouts and price rates. This collection includes townhouses, chalets, standalone villas, penthouses, cabins and twin houses.

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