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Project description

Unique Selling Points at ZED East

Zed Sports Complex

A 50-acre sports complex filled to the brim with multi-purpose courts and sports facilities.


Zed Commercial Complex

A shopping mall with global brands and local boutiques.


A Sports University

A sports university, tennis, and football academies.


Pedestrian Trails

Pedestrian trails all across the compound.


Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are suitable for adults and children.



Workspaces equipped a variety of reasons from running a business all the way to studying for college exams.


About Z East

Zed Compound is located in the Fifth Settlement on a large space of ​​about 400 acres, and on the expansion of the compound's space, the company has created multiple and distinctive green spaces in the compound, in addition to stunning artificial lakes, and the company was able to adapt this large space to create all the services and facilities necessary to live in the compound with luxury. The company divided the project space between services, buildings, green spaces, facilities, and recreational services, where the space allocated about 200 acres of the compound’s space for green spaces and scenic views, while the buildings occupy only 200 acres of its space.


Zed East Location

Zed 5th settlement has a central location right in the heart of New Cairo, next to the most important landmarks there and near the main important roads and axes. The most important places near the East Compound are:

-Zed New Cairo is located near the American University, about 5 minutes away.

-The project is located near the new administrative capital, a distance of 5 minutes.

-Ora Zed East is about 10 minutes from Cairo Airport.


Property Types in Zed East New Cairo

Ora Real Estate has provided a variety of residential units in Zed East, as they vary in spaces, types, and luxurious designs, and the units are delivered with full finishes. Zed East New Cairo includes many different residential units, where zed east apartments and villas are distinguished by high-end engineering designs. In addition to townhouses, twin houses and penthouses, are available in different spaces. The units have many diverse services that meet the needs and desires of customers to provide them with an integrated and luxurious life. Ora Developers ZED also worked to provide many flexible payment plans that suit all customers with competitive prices.

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