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Al Burouj
Al Burouj
Al Burouj

Al Burouj

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Project description

Unique Selling Points at Alburouj 

Sports Club

Alburouj’s Sports Club will help you stay in shape and lead a healthy lifestyle, as it features a wide range of sports, top-notch sports academies and recreational activities.


Orchard Park

Extending across 73 acres, the Orchard Park of Alburouj is the ideal place for outdoor activities. It includes a dog park, outdoor restaurants and an area dedicated to growing organic vegetables and fruits.


Alburouj Business Park

As the first and only smart village in East Cairo, Alburouj Business Park includes 12 buildings filled with office spaces and recreational facilities. Alburouj Business Park offers all the amenities needed to create a perfect work-life balance.


Culture Hub

The Cultural Hub of Al Burouj compound is operated by the renowned cultural center, El Sawy Cultural Wheel. It continuously hosts events, seminars and beneficial workshops. As well as art exhibitions, movie nights and concerts.


Cadmus International School

In Cadmus International School your children will get the opportunity to learn high-quality education that prepares them for a successful future. It is managed by the international group of schools ,SABIS, with over 135 years of experience.


About Al Burouj Compound

Alburouj is an integrated residential compound developed by Capital Group Properties (CGP) across 5 million square meters in East Cairo. The compound prioritizes your comfort, accordingly it partnered with international firms and companies to provide you with a wide array of world-class services and facilities. With that in mind, Alburouj hosts around 15,000 residential units and multiple mixed-use projects.


Al Burouj Location

Al Burouj location on Cairo - Ismailia road will give you access to a number of major roads including the Regional Ring Road and the Geneva Road. The compound is just 

- 5 minutes from HSC Sherouk 

- 10 minutes away from Madinaty 

- 15 minutes far from Badr City and Obour City

- 20 minutes from Cairo International Airport

- 25 minutes away from the Fifth settlement and Heliopolis 


Property Types in Alburouj 

Alburouj houses a number of neighborhoods, each with its own unique sets of properties and features. 

- Ajwar includes core and shell twin houses

- Villapark features fully-finished standalone villas

- Falak has core and shell duplexes 

- Albait houses customizable standalone villas

- Jana includes shell and core standalone villas

- Fajr has fully-finished elegant apartments

- Gemini features premium fully-finished twin houses

- Bedour includes shell and core townhouses

- Aquila has premium townhouses

- Duplex Gardens features fully-finished duplexes

- Clubside Residences includes fully-finished apartments with a view of Alburouj Sports Club

- Courtyard apartments has luxurious fully-furnished apartments

- Terrace Apartments that has fully-finished apartments with a 100 square meters terrace

- Orion features convenient apartments

- Mezar includes fully-finished townhouses 

- Lastly, Jara has shell and core twin houses

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