El Patio Zahraa

6th of October City - Cairo
El Patio Zahraa
El Patio Zahraa
El Patio Zahraa

El Patio Zahraa

0.00 - 6,457,500.00 EGP

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With Date : 2023-01-06 22:01:24

Project description

Project Name: El Patio Sheikh Zayed.

Patio Zahraa Location: It is located in 6 October city, specifically in Sheikh Zayed City.

El Patio El Zahraa Project space: The project was built on more than 76 acres or about 320,000 square meters.

Units Types: A variety of units among apartments, private villas, twin houses, and townhouses.

El Patio El Zahraa Units Space: Units range in size from 195 square meters up to 323 square meters.



The Developer: La Vista Developments.

Payment Methods: 20% of the unit value can be paid as a downpayment and installment over 5 years.

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